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December 29th  2012

133rd Jayanti Celebrations of Bhagavan Sri ramanamaharshi


Our inspiration from Baghavan Sri Guru Ramana Maharshi

With Baghavan’s blessings, I share the beautiful message of silence.




The Silence of the heart; The Silence of the mind; the silence of our soul. The silence that will deliver you to the dimensions of blissful ventures. Into the complexes of the human potential; into helping us understand simplistic ways of dealing with life and its complications.

Life is the epitome of the love of our maker. We operate from dawn to dusk in a flow familiar to us, built around a routine of preferences and enforcements. We may stop to ask our purpose of these operations; we may fail to see the rational; we may ask questions where answers are limited.

Ever felt like we came here for a purpose yet nothing leads us towards it? Maybe you had a hunch you had it all wrong and need to redirect yourself towards fulfilment, be it for self or…..for self?
Whispers in the wind caressed you with messages of your purpose. Have you recognized them and could you relate to them? Deliberate messages reached us on countless occasions and we chose to ignore the silent guidance of soul.

Have you ever been told by one the mind is but a formless ruler of our thoughts? The mind needs our nurture, needs our guidance, and needs to recognize voice sources of its own sponsorship.

Here at Sri Guru Ramana fellowship, we identify within ourselves, the follies of our mind and re-member our true self to the ultimate purpose. Our sessions follow a reflective method of the advaita philosophy. Initiated by our Guru, Ramana Maharshi, also known as the Sage of Arunachala.


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