Rolex 2014 new Shanghai exhibition love table family live coverage and commentary

replica watch 2014 new Shanghai exhibition - love fake watches family and July 5 at 2:30 pm, the registration of TX is not all arrived at the scene, it is not for a variety of reasons for the TX Unfortunately, even fortunate enough to go to the Basel Watch Of the colleagues have no chance to be able to see the kind (although there is no movement) - just across the window looked at the fills. To this end, I also specifically asked the Rolex brand colleagues, they said that we can arrange their own time to contact Rolex official appointment, and then that is the family members can love. Last year also participated in the new exhibition of Rolex, so here is no stranger to the environment, the process is no different from last year. To the TX is not all know, can not one by one correspondence. Sunboy, michen80, Lee version of these big coffee are the big names in the forum, do not have me to do more. \ By Rolex's colleagues to explain and browse the new Rolex 2014, the show watch will be all this year's new all presented for everyone to take pictures. I also take this with you talk about my new view of Rolex this year: Blue plate Blue plate green glass, including sunboy, including many members of the family members in Basel, whether to see the window, or the picture, are the color "scared" to the. We all guess the blue and green with what will be in the end effect, the general view is to see the decline. But on the 5th site reaction, we have not been scared, but rather feel a little amazing. Physical effect is much better than the picture effect, do not know @ blue mint is interested in seeing the kind? \ \ Pepsi Circle Type II Last year Inter Milan circle, this year's Pepsi circle, from the color is really a choice of tangled people difficult to make a choice. But in fact not so much trouble, to the Inter Milan circle is fine, and this year's Baihui circle for the platinum section, the price will be a lot worse. Why does the Pepsi Circle choose Platinum material? I think the first is the Pepsi circle is really too classic, if the steel section, then that the market can be miserable Inter Milan circle. But the second reason can not be ignored, Pepsi circle red and blue ceramic outer ring glaze technology is much better than the Inter Milan circle, and only with platinum can better reflect its value. \ Simply put, the available colors of the ceramic are limited by its manufacturing process. In general, the formation of color from mineral pigments (mineral pigments), these pigments need to withstand high temperature firing, high temperature firing makes the ceramic becomes dense, and draw a unique hardness. However, the red itself does not have a stable mineral pigment, making it difficult to form Cerachrom components. Even so, Rolex is still in a secret way to achieve the red. However, the difficulty is more than that. Add innovative coloring processes to standard Cerachrom production. In this way, half of the red ceramic circles can turn blue. The formation of this color, it is necessary to represent the part of the circle at night, immersed in a specific component of the compound solution. After adding the solution, the ceramic will be stunned by more than 1,600 degrees Celsius, and the resulting color will be obtained. In this firing process, the ceramic becomes dense, and the added compound reacts with the basic elements of the red Cerachrom ring to form the final blue tones. \ Sea to type 4000 This year's sea makes 4000, personal predictions in the next few years must become popular. The sea makes the successful subdivision of the submarine (Blackwater Ghost) and Deepsea (King of Ghosts) market, becoming a popular neutral watch. More than Deepsea thin, 40mm watch diameter is more in line with the people wearing aesthetics; than the submarine waterproof, 1220M waterproof more to show the status of Rolex diving watch king. In addition, but also to meet some of the consumers do not like blisters, but also to meet the consumer does not like the calendar. In short, this is a very pleasing diving watch! \ \ New Celini Focus on it! Rolex to break the tradition, about the introduction of three new exhibition of new Chellini, but also from the inside out. In addition, Chelyni new watch will be expanded to 39mm, is the standard men's suits style size; also introduced the first three-pin style, before the Chelini is not a double needle is a small three-pin, classical very! Internally, Celigny even equipped with additional functional movement - calendar and day and night display, which is no one can think of things before; movement from manual to automatic mechanical chain, really kind of old to Qiao a feeling of. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ I am very optimistic about the three Rolex new Celini, but no stainless steel style, so that we can not afford some of these bags of light ... ... Oyster style female models The day we have some unexpected style, the only one to the scene of the lady get the effect is very praise. 36mm size is now a lot of women choose the most one, there will be a short weeks of men's choice, so be regarded as a men and women take-all style. The color is also very good selection, there is no obvious tendency to men and women. Even so, we still feel that women will be more able to show the charm of this watch. Stainless steel case, equipped with CAL.3130 calendarless movement, this watch is bound to become a beautiful price of the United States cost-effective style. On the spot, some people have been accountable Oh! \ \ to sum up: Overall feeling, this year's new market response will be better than last year, and there may be several after the market will be hot. So, want to buy fast it, Rolex roasted roasted goods market more terror, we all know. However, these new prices are not yet announced, it is estimated to be patient until the end of the year.