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December 29th  2012

133rd Jayanti Celebrations of Bhagavan Sri ramanamaharshi


Excerpt from Self Inquiry, a discussion with Sri Ramana Maharshi

The jiva itself is Shiva;
Shiva Himself is the jiva.
It is true that the jiva is none other than Shiva.

When the grain is hidden inside the husk, it is called paddy; when it is de-husked, it is called rice. Similarly, so long as one is bound by karma one remains a jiva; when the bond of ignorance is broken, one shines as Shiva, the Deity.

Thus declares a scriptural text. Accordingly, the jiva which is mind is in reality the pure Self; but, forgetting this truth, it imagines itself to be an individual soul and gets bound in the shape of mind.

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