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December 29th  2012

133rd Jayanti Celebrations of Bhagavan Sri ramanamaharshi


Our inspiration from Baghavan Sri Guru Ramana Maharshi

With Baghavan’s blessings, I share the beautiful message of silence. The Silence of the heart; The Silence of the mind; the silence of our soul. The silence that will deliver you to the dimensions of blissful ventures, Into the complexes of the human potential; into helping us understand simplistic ways of dealing with life and its complications.

Life is the epitome of the love of our maker. We operate from dawn to dusk in a flow familiar to us, built around a routine of preferences and enforcements. We may stop to ask our purpose of these operations; we may fail to see the rational; we may ask questions where answers are limited.

Ever felt like we came here for a purpose yet nothing leads us towards it? Maybe you had a hunch you had it all wrong and need to redirect yourself towards fulfillment, be it for self or…..for self?
Whispers in the wind caressed .........Read More